Natural Remedies For Depression: What Are Its Causes & Symptoms?

Unlike a general mood downswing that may be an outcome of a disappointment or a setback, depression is a very strong melancholic feeling that may pose serious threat to life. Depression is characterized by a constant pessimistic feeling of inadequacy and despondence.

This health disorder which is also known as clinical depression affects how one thinks, feels and behaves.

It can lead to a wide range of emotional and physical issues. Often, depression causes one to be obsessed with the worthlessness of life. Some people in a state of depression become very aggressive and agitated.

Depression may necessitate prolonged treatment that usually combines both psychological counseling and medication.

Common Symptoms Of Depression

People suffering from depression may experience wide range of symptoms that include deep feeling of gloominess, loss of interest in activities, and irritability. Apart from these common symptoms, depression patients also go through sleep disorder, unpredictable appetite, unexplained crying spells and strong feeling of worthlessness.

Most often, depression patients also develop suicidal tendency. Less often, depression also leads to reckless behavior. While stricken by reckless behavior, patients usually show escapist conducts like careless driving, compulsive gambling and addiction to substance abuse.

Depression patients also complain of increasing bodily problems like headache, muscle pain, stomach ache and back pain.

Major Causes Of Depression

Specific causes of depression are still unresolved but experts hint that an imbalance in signaling chemicals of brain may trigger the disorder in many patients. Apart from it, there are various other conditions such as childhood trauma, death of loved one, sudden job loss and divorce which can lead to depression.

Researchers assume that a combination of psychological, hereditary, biological and environmental factors may lead one to depression. Certain life-threatening medical conditions like cancer, under-active thyroid gland and prolonged illness may also cause depression.

In some cases of depression, hormonal imbalance has played significant role. Women are more prone to get hormone induced depression. This kind of depression mostly occurs after childbirth or at the onset of menopause.

Natural Remedies To Deal With Depression

Changes in lifestyle and eating pattern can effectively handle depression. Foods high in serotonin and Prozac can improve brain functions and help you emerge out of the depressed state. Serotonin and Prozac enhancing foods include omega-3 fatty acids rich fish oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil, eggs and sour cherries.

Drink green tea instead of coffee. No doubt coffee is a stimulator and it gives your mood a quick boost but a depressed mind usually does not accept coffee as a mood enhancer. On the other hand, the combination of caffeine and L-theanine present in green tea work well to boost up mood and reduce stress.

Depression and sleep disorder are interrelated. Flavonoid, a chemical found in chamomile plant, particularly works to treat sleep disorder and relax the body. So, a cup of chamomile tea before bed can have soothing effect on your depressed mind and dispirited body.

Lavender sleep sachet tucked under your pillow can also boost up your sleep. Meditation can also prove very effective to deal with your depression.

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