Causes of Diabetes Mellitus | Type-1, Type-2, Gestational Diabetes Causes

Diabetes Mellitus Causes

What are the main reasons for a person getting diabetes? Are there people who are predisposed to this ailment? There are many different reasons why a person may get diabetes. Here are some of them:

  • While some people say that diabetes is hereditary, only type II diabetes seems to show a possibility of being passed on through heredity.
    People who are born to parents or a parent with type II diabetes have a 25 percent chance of developing the disease.
  • Type I diabetes is said to be an autoimmune disease that begins with the immune system attacking the cells in your pancreas. These are the cells that produce insulin. There are also indications that type I diabetes may also be hereditary, but research seems to show little evidence of this.
  • Some of the factors that make people more predisposed to type I diabetes include race or ethnicity with Asians or with Asian blood being the least likely to get this kind of diabetes. Those from the Northern European regions and African Americans are found to be more prone to this type of diabetes.
  • Those who run the risk of type II diabetes are those who have high blood pressure, have a sedentary lifestyle, those who eat a lot of carbohydrates, and are overweight or obese. Age is also a factor that plays a big part in this ailment. Older people between the ages of 45 to 65 are more likely to get this ailment than younger individuals.

Type-1 Diabetes Causes

Type-1 diabetes causes more in men as compared to women. Other factors responsible for the onset of diabetes type-1 are viral infections and genetics.

Type-2 Diabetes Causes

Family history is the main cause of type-2 diabetes. Other causative factors are high blood triglyceride level, high alcohol intake and higher amount of fat consumption.

Gestational Diabetes Causes

Main cause of gestational diabetes is insulin getting blocked when placenta produces hormones like estrogen and cortisol in the fetus during pregnancy. Normally this process occurs during week 20-24 of pregnant women.

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