How to Prevent Diabetes Mellitus | Avoid and Control Diabetes

Preventing Diabetes Mellitus

While some people believe that just because their parents or grandparents have diabetes, they are doomed to suffer the same fate. This is not true since diet, exercise, and other preventive measures and lifestyle changes can help people stop diabetes from coming into their lives. Here are some diabetes prevention measures you can try:

  • While type I diabetes may be hard to prevent, type II can be stopped if a person follows certain rules for a healthy lifestyle.
    This includes dietary changes, regular exercise to keep weight down and avoiding any bad habits from forming.
  • Bad habits that you should avoid to help keep yourself from developing diabetes include smoking and drinking of alcohol. Keeping track of what you eat is also important. Overeating or eating food that is high in cholesterol, high in fat and low in fiber and nutrients is something you should also avoid doing.
  • Some people develop diabetes from stressful lives paired with unhealthy habits. Trying to keep stress levels at a minimum by doing some stress relief exercises like yoga and meditation can also help a person avoid diabetes development.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, try to substitute your craving for sweets with natural sources like fruits.
    You should try to avoid pastries and cakes since these are carbohydrates and sugars in one package.

Prevent Diabetes

For preventing diabetes, regular exercising is beneficial as it keeps weight under control and helps in lowering the blood sugar level thereby boosting the sensitivity to the insulin. To control diabetes, increase fiber intake as it curbs weight increase and lowers risk of getting heart problems. Whole grain food which includes ready to eat items and breads reduces diabetes risk. Healthy eating plan should be adopted for controlling diabetes.

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