Causes Of Sweet Smelling Urine: Treatment For Sweet Odor In Urine

A normal healthy person, who drinks enough water, generally does not have strong smell in his urine. Strong odor or smelly urine may often indicate something abnormal, though not always a disease. It may be a temporary phenomenon occurring as a result of certain medication, foods, etc. It can also indicate an underlying medical condition.

The smell of urine can vary from being sweet to its other end of being foul and stinky. The odor depends on the concentration as well as excretion of chemicals and wastes from the kidney. Urine which is diluted or less concentrated as it should be in a normal individual has no odor. Excretion of sweet smelling urine is an indication of diabetes or uncontrolled diabetes. When excess of ketone or glucose is present in the urine it smells sweet. Diabetes is not the only isolated condition for sweet smelling urine, there are other condition too.

What Causes Urine To Smell Sweet?

Urine that smells too sweet is most probably due to diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is fairly common condition in modern days. It is a condition characterized by high level of sugar circulating in the blood (hyperglycemia), as a result of insulin deficiency. It can affect carbohydrate, fat and electrolyte metabolic activity.

In a person who has uncontrolled diabetes, meaning blood sugar level not remaining in the required normal parameters, may have sweet smell in urine. Most often ketone is passed in urine in such cases. The condition is called ketoacidosis.

If you are not diabetic or if your diabetes is under control, even then urine can smell sweet. This is possible if you are fasting or on a strict diet regimen. Ketone is passed in urine in such cases.

The other cause of sweet smell in urine is a rare childhood disease called maple sugar urine disease. It is a genetic disorder, very rare in occurrence. The disease is named so because; urine excreted by the infant or the child smells similar to maple syrup. Together with sweet urine, it is accompanied with several neurological symptoms. Many children will suffer from mental retardation in this disease. The condition is not present in adults.

Strong smell in urine can be present when you drink less water and the urine is more concentrated.

Associated Symptoms With Sweet Smelling Urine

Since the cause in most cases is uncontrolled diabetes, the common symptoms associated with sweet smelling urine are related to diabetes mellitus. These include;

  • Excessive thirst. Patient may have unquenchable thirst.
  • Excessive hunger. Increase in appetite.
  • Excessive and frequent passage of urination.
  • Excessive perspiration.
  • Loss of weight even though eating enough.
  • Feeling weak and tired.
  • Sweet smell in urine.
  • Minor wound takes time to heal.
  • If retina is affected, there may be difficulty in vision.

If maple syrup urine disease is the cause, the condition is restricted to infants and children. It is absent in adults. There may be associated mental retardation and other neurological symptoms.

Treatment For Strong Sweet Odor In Urine

Control of diabetes is the key in treating sweet smelling urine.

Diabetes can be controlled but cannot be cured. There are several modern anti-diabetic medicines. Alternately, a person can also follow some of the home remedies which can effectively help the mainline treatment in controlling blood sugar.

  • Java plum fruit, also known as syzygium Jambolium, is a purple colored fruit, popular for its effect in controlling blood sugar. The fruit juice can be extracted from the pulp and taken regularly. The dried seeds can be grounded into fine powder. Take one teaspoon of this powder with water once daily.
  • Fenugreek is another natural home treatment for controlling blood sugar. Soak 10 to15 fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Consume them early in the morning with milk or water.
  • The juice of bitter gourd consists of insulin like properties. Drinking this juice regularly in uncontrolled diabetes early in the morning helps to control blood sugar effectively.
  • Following a diabetic diet is very important. Diet consisting of less sugar and more of proteins helps to control calories. A small meal six times in a day instead of three large meals is effective. Avoid eating sweets, confectioneries, ice cream, cookies etc.
  • Eat more vegetables and salads.
  • A simple brisk walk or exercising is very important protocol in controlling diabetes.
  • Stop excessive dieting or fasting as this may cause ketonuria and sweet smell in urine besides various other bad effects on your health.
  • Most important decrease your stress and mental strain by regularly practicing yoga and meditation.

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