Diet to Cure Diaper Rash | Foods for Diaper Rash Healing

Diet Treatment for Diaper Rash in Baby:

  • The appearance of diaper rash is linked closely to changes in the diet of the baby, especially when making the change from liquid to solid foods. This is an obvious fact backed up by mothers and scientific findings. Because of this, the role of diet in the appearance of diaper rashes takes prominence. On the other hand, because a baby has to change to solid foods, make sure that the foods introduced is fit for the baby’s age.
  • There are instances wherein a bay may develop diarrhea after being introduced to a new solid food. When this happens, the baby is at a greater risk of developing diaper rash because of the distortion of the pH level of the skin. When diarrhea occurs, avoid for a while the food the baby last had.
  • What is important for a baby’s diet especially for those who have diaper rash is to continue taking milk. This will assure the baby a consistent supply of needed nutrients.
  • Another food that parents can introduce to their baby’s diet is banana. Because banana is rich in fibers, and its digestion is fast and easy on the toddler’s stomach. Fast digestion will prevent the accumulation of any harmful allergens in the baby’s wastes that can cause diaper rashes.

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