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Diet for Diarrhea Treatment:

A diet for a diarrhea patient should focus on the avoidance of oily and fatty foods as these types of foods are more likely to aggravate the condition, turning the situation for the worst. Moreover, the patient should have sufficient intake of liquids, except for milk, to avert dehydration, which is a serious consequence of diarrhea.

Other than avoidance of oily and fatty foods, the following will also do good for a person with diarrhea:

  • Eating foods that are low in residue, especially fiber, allows the stomach some relief by cleaning up the system and eliminating harmful toxins causing the infection.
  • Eating lightly burnt carbohydrate foods such as yam or potato will do good for the treatment of diarrhea. The carbohydrates in such food provide the nutrients while the carbon resulting from the burning of the food traps in gases while occasionally acting on the infectious agent itself.
  • Drink ginger ale and make it as a substitute for milk. Ginger is known for being a good remedy for diarrhea.
  • Limit the intake of dried foods such as raisins as well as corns, legumes, and berries as these foods contributes to worsening the condition.
  • Try eating small meals. This will prevent your stomach from being overworked and will result to a proper food digestion.

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