How to Prevent and Control Diarrhea | Prevention of Diarrhea Problem

Preventing Diarrhea:

Prevention of diarrhea is a must because of the debilitating condition that the infection may bring. Moreover, because the infection is accompanied by other infections, preventing one from acquiring it is truly important. The following are the ways to prevent acquiring diarrhea:

  • When traveling, make sure to dine only in restaurants that are known for their cleanliness and sanitary environment.
    Avoid eating foods that are sold at stations especially if there is a chance that such foods were exposed to dust and other pollutants. Refrain buying food from street vendors where sanitation is largely taken for granted.
  • When drinking water from an uncertain source or if there is an outbreak in the community, boil drinking water first. Boiling water will kill the bacteria that causes diarrhea.
  • Because diarrhea can be transmitted from one person to another, make regular hand washing a matter of habit. Doing so will not only keep one’s hands clean, it will also make food handling safer, thereby lessening the chances of transmitting the disease.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed in running water.
    Moreover, make sure that a food reaches the boiling point when cooking to make sure that bacteria are killed.

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