What are the Permanent Option to Lighten Dark Skin On Upper Lip

In general, people are born with lips that have the same tone of color all over. However, there are times when the lips are not evenly colored so that the upper area could have a much darker color than the one at the lower part. How did this happen?

Dark Skin on Upper Lip

  • Well, there are a number of reasons why the upper lip becomes darker than the lower lip.
    Some of these reasons are:
    • Hormonal imbalance due to use of birth control pills or pregnancy
    • Reaction to some cosmetics
    • Allergic reaction to certain medicines like antibiotics or anti depressants
    • Improper threading or waxing of upper lip.
    • Over exposure to the sun or excessive use of the tanning booth
  • The darker skin can make the lips look unsightly. Thus, most of those people who do have this problem will try to find ways to make the skin look lighter.
  • It is best to understand that if the problem has persisted for years, it could be difficult to correct it in a short span of time. Thus, the affected person should practice patience.

How to Lighten Dark Skin on Upper Lip

There are a number of options that can help lighten the skin of the upper lip. Some of these are:

  • Temporary options
    • Using cosmetics to mask the color. A lot of women have already become experts in hiding spots and blemishes on the face, lips, and neck areas. Thus, the darker upper lip could be easily hidden by cosmetics.
    • Using some special creams and solutions being promoted to lighten the dark skin
  • More permanent options
    • To ensure that the treatment produces better results, it is best to target permanent options. These permanent and long-term options include the following:
      • Stop using cosmetics suspected of causing the discoloration.
      • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun as well as tanning booths.
      • Protect skin and lips from the sun by applying sunscreen and using protective clothing and gear such as caps, hats, and umbrellas.
    • Eat a healthy and well balanced meal. Although this might sound irrelevant, a healthy body is actually the best goal to have. With a healthier body, the patient could easily go back to the natural color of the lips.
    • Stop waxing of the upper lip until the dark color fades and the skin is back to normal.

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