Natural Treatments for Teeth and Lip Discoloration | Cure Discolored Teeth

Remedies to Retain Teeth and Lip Color:

Here are just some of the home remedies using natural products that you can use to retain teeth and lip color:

  • Apply a little amount of clarified butter on your lips every night. Because this keeps the lips moisturized, it is known to be very soothing.
  • Puree three to six ripe strawberries and add on one teaspoon of cream tartar, two tablespoons of baking soda, and a cup of water to make a paste. Apply this to your teeth overnight in the course of one week to get a dazzling new smile.
  • Apply lemon juice on your lips every day. Because of the bleaching properties of the lemon, your lips color will begin to lighten after a period of time.
  • Instead of starting off your brushing with toothpaste, do it first using bicarbonate soda. After this, you can already brush with toothpaste. Repeat this regimen after every 15 days.
  • Always chew on a sugarless gum after drinking a cup of coffee or smoking a cigarette.
    Doing this will encourage the production of more saliva, which will swish away the darkening substances before they could have a chance to staining your teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth or sip some water after every time you eat or drink something that could stain your teeth and lips. Water aids in the cleansing of teeth and in preventing stain accumulation.

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