Causes of Dizziness Condition | What Causes Dizzy Feeling

Dizziness Causes:

Because of the wide range of interpretations that can be attached to dizziness, medical experts often fail to find a single cause for it. Commonly, a string of causes is offered, with treatment trying to zero in on the most probable cause. The following are some of the common causes of dizziness:

  • As a manifestation of panic disorder, either due to anxiety or depression;
  • Due to breathing too fast or too deeply as a result of anxiety or tension;
  • Due to physical manifestation of mental illness.
    Although the patient may be unaware of the mental illness, experiencing dizziness is one indicator (although not the sole indicator) for having the condition.
  • Due to anemia.
  • Due to prolonged bed rest that causes weakness in the muscles and the inability to retain a fully upright position;
  • Due to salt imbalance in the body as well as to hormonal disorders;
  • Due to aging that causes a reduced capacity for physical activity;
  • Due to poor blood circulation;
  • Due to general body weakness;
  • Due to hardening of the arteries causing a reduction in blood supply;
  • Due to medication as well as from intake of alcohol and drugs.

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