Diet for Dizziness Problem | Foods to Avoid Dizzy Condition

Dizziness Diet:

  • Take moderate meals. This will make digestion of the food easy on the stomach. Moreover, it will also prevent bloating, which may deprive the brain of the needed air and cause dizziness. The trick here is to cut down one meal into two or three smaller servings.
  • Cut down eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates. These are the kind of foods that contribute to the amount of fat in your body. Limiting your intake of them is a healthy step towards avoiding dizziness.
  • When travelling, consume a lot of citrus fruits or perhaps try to press the feeling before your nose. The vitamin C in the fruit causes a reaction in the stomach and brain that controls dizzy feeling. However, make sure not to spray something into the eyes as they can really sting. Even when not travelling, one has to include citrus fruits in one’s diet.
  • Increase the intake of protein foods such as fresh fishes and meat. In the same token, try to avoid vegetables and fruits, even if they are protein-rich. This is because they also contain carbohydrates, which, if not digested, will accumulate in the body and become fat.
  • Keep your body sugar low. This warning is especially important for those who are diabetics. An increase in blood sugar level causes poor blood circulation and cause dizziness.

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