Sudden Dizzy Spells Symptoms: Dizziness And Nausea Home Remedies

People who feel dizzy will describe their experience as everything around them is rotating, or they themselves are spinning. Sudden dizziness is the commonest symptom people have complained of and it ranks second after backache. Many times dizzy spell may be momentary, you feel better after some rest or after lying down, or it can be an indication of some serious underlying cause.

The term vertigo includes both the subjective (a sense of rotation of one’s own body) or objective (an illusion of rotation of surrounding objects). Dizzy spells can be a single episode or you can experience it frequently. In either case you should note down when it had occurred, what activity you were doing, how long the spell persisted and if any other symptom co-existed. This medical history is valuable for your physician in analyzing and diagnosing the cause of dizzy spell.

Symptoms Of Sudden Dizziness

Dizziness has something to do with the body balance. Your body balance is controlled by brain after it receives signals from eyes, inner ears and the nervous system. When these transmission channel gets blocked somewhere in its path, you feel dizzy and lose body balance and tend to faint.

You may experience different symptoms during a dizzy spell. The symptom can vary from one person to another; however the sense of loss of balance is present in ever dizzy spell. Other more frequent symptoms of sudden dizzy spell are,

  • Feeling of rotation.
  • Blurring of vision.
  • Being drawn by a magnet to one side.
  • Swaying and Lightheadedness.
  • Whirling.
  • Fainting.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Weakness.

Causes Of Sudden Dizzy Spells

There are many causes for dizzy spells, the most frequent cause which we observe in our daily life are;

  • Dizzy spell after diarrhea and vomiting as it caused due to dehydration.
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • In high fever.
  • Old age
  • Weakness after suffering from prolonged illness.
  • Exposure to extreme of cold or heat.
  • Low blood pressure and high blood pressure.
  • Low blood sugar.
  • After heavy menstruation.
  • Meniere’s disease.
  • Toxic effect of alcohol on internal ear.
  • Middle ear infection.
  • Cold and flu leading to blockage of Eustachian tube.
  • Sudden blockage of blood flow to the brain for few seconds.
  • Migraine.
  • Brain injury.
  • Blockage of artery that supplies the auditory canal.
  • Ototoxic drugs, diuretics, anti hypertensive.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Temporo mandible joint neuralgia.
  • Herpes zoster (Ramsay hunt syndrome).

 Home Remedies For Dizziness And Nausea

There are several home remedies that are effective when there is sudden dizzy spell accompanied wit nausea.

  • Ginger tea: it is the effective home remedy sudden dizzy spell with nausea. Mix crushed ginger in black tea, and drink one cup of this tea. It relieves the dizziness and nausea very quickly.
  • When you feel dizzy and nauseous during pregnancy, mix one teaspoon of wheat germ in one glass of milk and drink slowly. It is good remedy for morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • If sudden dizzy spell is due to low blood sugar, prepare immediately lemon juice with lots of sugar. Drink the juice to raise sugar level. You can also eat sugar if nothing is available.

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