Causes Of Dryness Inside The Nose: What Are Its Home Remedies

Dryness inside the nose is as bothersome as running and watery nose. Nasal dryness may not only be painful and uncomfortable, but at times it can lead to bleeding from the nose. Sometime, together with dryness in the nasal cavity, the mouth, throat and eye too become dry.

Human nose is not only an organ for smelling, but it has to perform many more important tasks.

It filters micro organisms and dust particles that are the primary source of infection.

Your nose becomes dry when there is lack of moisture inside the nose. With sufficient moisture, the nasal passages produce enough amount of mucus which subsequently checks the entry of harmful organisms in the respiratory tract. The nasal passage is lined with mucus membrane; it is a thin lining that covers the passage. Dryness inside the nose occurs when these lining becomes dry.

There are several causes for dry nose which can range from environmental changes to autoimmune diseases. In most cases, dryness inside the nose can be treated with home remedies.

What Causes Dryness In The Nose?

Dryness inside the nose can be due to:

  • In extreme summer and winter, the humidity is very low.
    Use of air conditioners or heater can make it lower to greater extent. As a result the inside of the nose will dry and it may crack and bleed. This is the reason why epistaxis (bleeding from nose) occurs in extreme hot summer or winter.
  • Allergic rhinitis as well as congestion of nose will produce excess mucus collection in the nose. Overuse of nasal sprays to clear the congestion may sometime reciprocate the condition of nasal dryness.
  • Medicines such as antihistamines are known to produce dryness of mucus membrane. It can cause dryness in the nose, dryness in the throat and mouth and eyes too.
  • Sjogren’s disease is an autoimmune disease. This disease is characterized by generalized dryness of mucus membrane of the whole body. It includes dryness of nose, eyes, throat and other mucus linings.
  • A woman in her menopause period may feel nasal dryness. This is partly due to hormonal imbalance in the body and partly related to diminishing collagen content in the mucus and skin.
  • Dryness can also be associated with dehydration. Loss of body fluid can cause dryness in nose and throat together with mouth.
  • When there is dry nose together with excessive nasal bleeding, one should always think of high blood pressure, especially if the person has reached 40 and onwards.

Home Remedies For Dry Inside Nose

Dryness in the nose is a symptom of many conditions and disease. It can be treated in most cases and most of the time with home remedies:

  • To prevent dryness in the nose, take precautions to keep your nose well moisturized all the time.
  • Drink enough water and fluids to maintain good hydration. Eat fruits that have high water content.
  • When dryness inside the nose is due to anti-histamines, ask the doctor if the dose of the drug can be reduced, or if there is an alternative medicine which causes less dryness.
  • Saline water drops are useful to keep the inside of the nose moist.
  • When there is low atmospheric humidity, use humidifier in your room.
  • Reduce the intake of caffeine containing products such as excessive tea, coffee, colas. Alcohol in excess can also dehydrate the body.
  • Apply petroleum jelly inside the nose when there is nasal dryness. It prevents cracks in the lining of the nose which may lead to bleeding.
  • Exercise helps to keep the nasal cavity well moisturized.

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