Natural Home Remedy For Clogged Ears: What Causes Blocked Ears Feeling

Clogged ears are a common problem faced by many during some point in their life. Adults and children both can suffer from it. There are many reasons for getting your ears clogged. Each reason has its own evaluation, before you find a suitable home remedy to solve this problem.

Causes Of Clogged Or Blocked Ears?

  • The most common cause for clogged ear is build up of ear wax in your ear canal.
    Our ear secrets wax, its function is to trap the bacteria and dust particles and protect the ear canal and ear drum. However if you do not pay attention, it gets piled up and ultimately block your ear canal.
  • The second most common cause is excessive cough and cold or sinusitis resulting from recurrent upper respiratory tract infection.
  • You can also experience your ears getting clogged, when water enters in your ears while bathing or while swimming.
  • Imbalance of outside pressure and inside your ears can also be a reason, such as when you travel in an airplane, deep sea diving etc.
  • Lastly, an ear infection either in the middle ear or inner ear can be a reason for you to suffer from clogged ears.

Home Remedy For Clogged Ears

When the question arises in your mind as what to do for clogged ears, which makes you uncomfortable, there are simple home remedy solutions for clogged ears which you can definitely find beneficial. But it is also important in some cases to consult your physician.

  • For removing the hardened ear wax build up, use of ear wax softener is the best way. The softener is available in most medical shops. Put 2 to 3 drops, four times in a day for two to three days, before removing it with an ear bud as the wax becomes soft and easily be removed.
  • Put few drops of olive oil in the ear canal to soften the wax. Now you can easily remove it with the ear buds. It acts as an alternative to ear wax softener.
  • Use ear plugs while you take bath or while you swim, this will prevent the water entering your ear canal and give you a feeling of clogged ear.

Blocked Ears Natural Remedies

  • Frequent swallowing and yawning can also relieve clogged ears. Both of them help to reduce the pressure and equalize it.
  • If you suffer from running nose and you want to blow your nose, do it gently, as hard blowing will cause clogging of ears. ┬áRemember to keep your mouth open while blowing the nose. Close mouth can give unnecessary pressure on the Eustachian tube.
  • Chewing gum is an excellent home remedy for clogged ears when you travel in an airplane. ┬áIt helps to reduce the ear pressure and prevents its clogging.
  • Take a sauna bath, the steam generated helps to unclog the blocked ears.

If clogged ears cause pain or if it remains for a long time or if there is discharge of pus from the ears, it is necessary for you to consult an ENT specialist.

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