How to Prevent Ear Infection | Preventing Infected Ear Problem

Ear Infection Prevention:

Because of the risks of infection and the difficulty of coping with the disorder that ear infection brings, it is a must to find ways to prevent the onset of infection. The following are the means to prevent ear infection:

  • Avoid inserting objects into the ear, especially when trying to clean the organ.
    This is because most ways employed to clean the ear do not really do well to clean the ear, instead it only pushes wax and other foreign bodies deeper into the ear, thus causing further infection.
  • For those who experience otitis after swimming, make sure to clean dry the ear by using an ear dryer.
  • When using earplugs during swimming, make sure that the plug used fits well and is not to cause any irritation or harm to the ear. It is advisable to use disposable type of plugs because there is a lesser risk of acquiring the infection due to poorly cleaned plugs or those that are frequently used.
  • Avoid swimming in areas that are polluted. This is to lessen the chances of acquiring ear infection due to microbial activities.
  • Refrain from exposing your each too much when washing your hair or when swimming as these can cause water to seep into the ear canal.

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