Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil for Ear Infection and Its Facts

Ear Infection Causes

  • Due to liquid becoming trapped in the ear canal especially after shower. In some cases, dipping in water without earplugs or other means to prevent water from entering the ear can also cause the infection. This is because the liquid gets in touch with some of the sensitive parts of the ear, thus affecting hearing.
  • Due to swimming in polluted waters. In this case, the problem is not just due to water simply entering the ear canal; microbial infection is a real threat here.
  • Due to occupational hazards, especially when one is exposed to loud sounds frequently in the workplace. Those who are more prone to the infection are those who work in machine shops, in construction sites, and those part of an airplane maintenance crew.
  • Due to an improper way of cleaning the ears. People normally stick cotton swabs into their ear at the end of a small stick. This process can cause infection especially if breaks on the skin results. In any case, such method of cleaning the ears can only push the earwax deeper into the ear where it will harden and block one’s hearing.

Hot to Use Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is produced through steam distillation of the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. The oil has been proven to have antiseptic properties and has long before used to treat and prevent infections caused by fungi, gram positive bacteria, and gram negative bacteria.

The oil is generally used nowadays to treat fungal infections including those that target the nails and cause athlete’s foot, acne, dandruff, skin infections and infections in the ears. It also penetrates deep into the skin’s layers and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, analgesic, and disinfectant. It also has wound-healing qualities.

Other uses include promoting a diaphoretic effect which enhances sweating making the body respond well when threatened by an infection. The oil also has been proven to have expectorant and balsamic qualities that aid in clearing mucus-filled respiratory tract when a patient has chest and throat infections.

Facts about Tea Tree Oil in Ear

  • Aborigines had long ago used tea tree plants in curing different kinds of illnesses. This knowledge has been shared with British colonialists during the 1770s.
  • The oil is 13 times stronger than carbolic acid when used as an antiseptic.
  • Pain and infection associated with ear infection can be eased by using the oil.
  • Two or one drop of the oil can be applied on the infected ear. Application may often cause a burning sensation and pain but will usually go away within a few minutes.
  • Tea tree oil can be mixed with water or other essential oils to treat ear infections.
  • Rubbing tea tree oil mixed with other essential oils on the back outer side of the affected ear several times a day can help manage symptoms that are caused by ear infections.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Ear Infection

  • Pour a one-fourth cup of lukewarm water in a jar or any container that has a tight-fitting lid.
  • Put three drops of tea tree oil into the container with water and close the lid tightly.
  • Shake vigorously for around 30 seconds or until the solution has been mixed well.
  • Get a medicine dropper and fill it with the mixture.
  • Squeeze the dropper right into the infected ear. Make sure the head is tilted to the side.
  • Allow the mixture to settle for about one minute by not moving the head on its tilted position.
  • Turn head to the opposite side to drain out the mixture.
  • The process should be repeated three to four times in a day up until the infection and pain subside.

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