Ear Ache Diet Treatment | Foods for Ear Pain or Otalgia Relief

Earache Diet:

  • An earache can have different causes, and the severity of the pain can vary from case to case. One of the most common causes of earache is due to infection. Here, it is important that one will have a sufficient intake of vitamin C in order to provide the body with essential antibiotic and antihistamine, both of which are very vital in eliminating the cause of an earache.
    Moreover, the nutrient will also help reduce inflammation and the associated fever in some condition.
  • Another diet for those who have an ear infection must include sufficient doses of fresh fruits and vegetables. Such diet is recommended after studies that revealed the correlation between improper diet and the occurrence of earache. Eating fresh fruits and vegetable regularly will provide the body with a great source of the needed nutrients that boost the body’s immune system. Milk is likewise recommended because of its almost complete list of nutrients.
  • Diet for ear ache should also include ginger and onion. These two herbs are known for their decongesting properties that are very beneficial especially for cases of earache that are due to nose or throat problems. This way, the earache is a result of the congestion in the nose; when the problem in the nose is eliminated, earache is likewise obliterated.

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