Natural Treatment for Earache | Natural Cure for Ear Pain or Otalgia

Earache Natural Remedies:

  • Prepare a mixture of vinegar and alcohol in equal quantities. With the help of a medicine dropper, drop a few droplets into the ear canal. This will melt earwax that may have hardened, freeing the ear canal from any blockage. Moreover, the soothing and cool feeling from the mixture feels good on the ears.
  • Add a clove of garlic to a teaspoon of sesame oil. Heat the oil and garlic over an open flame until the oil becomes warm. Lie on your side and drop a few droplets into your ear and lie on that side for at least 10 minutes.
  • Get some castor plant leaves and dab it on warm sesame oil and then apply around the ears. Doing this is one good treatment for earache elimination.
  • In cases of pus coming out from the ears, burn a leaf of the guggulu herb, extinguishing the fire before the leaf becomes totally burned. Allow the smoke to enter the ears. This remedy will reduce the pain that results whenever pus comes out from the ear.
  • Take the oil from Bishop’s weed and mix it with sesame oil, with the ratio of 3 units for Bishop’s weed oil and 1 unit for sesame oil. Warm the mixture and drop at least 4 droplets into the affected ear.

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