Preventing Ear Ache | How to Prevent Ear Pain or Otalgia

Prevent Earache:

The following are the common means to prevent ear pain:

  • If you happen to be prone to buildup of earwax that causes pain and discomfort, use wax-melting products that are available at most drugstores.
  • When taking a bath, make sure to use precautionary measures and gadgets to prevent liquid from entering the ear canal. This is to prevent any infection that is due to the buildup of liquids in the ear canal. One way to avoid water entering the ear canal is to wear earplugs or shower caps that also reaches up to the ears.
  • Avoid dipping in polluted waters to lessen the probability of acquiring infection from microbial infection.
  • When flying, take a decongestant to unclog the nose when landing or taking off.
  • After taking a bath, use an ear dryer to evaporate any moisture that may have managed to enter the ears.
  • Refrain from blowing the nose hard especially when having colds.
  • Practice safer means of cleaning the ears. Experts suggest not to frequently cleaning the ears as this manner will progressively push particles deeper into the inner cavity of the ear. Instead, apply eardrops that will just melt the wax, eliminating the need to probe into the ear cavity.

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