Symptoms of Ear Ache | Signs of Ear Pain | Otalgia Symptoms

Earache Symptoms:

The most reliable indicator for having an earache is the pain. The pain may vary from light to severe, depending on the extent of the infection. However, the main thing that one should consider is that the pain should originate from the inner part of the ear and not on any of its outer surfaces. Other symptoms of ear ache include the following:

  • Difficulty of sleeping due to the persistent pain that bothers one’s sleep.
  • In cases of earache due to an infection, a person may feel a constant tickling sensation in the affected ear.
  • Pain that is not simultaneous and affects only one ear. In this case, where the pain is suggests the ear that is affected by earache.
  • In the most severe of cases, there may be a loss of balance, especially when climbing or going down stairs. This is dangerous because there is always the risk to injuries from falling.
  • Irritability due to annoyance from the condition.
  • In infants, one possible indicator for an earache is constantly pulling at the ears to provide temporary relief from the ailment.
  • In some cases, earache may be accompanied by fever. When this happens, it suggests that the condition has become severe.

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