Causes and Symptoms of Distended Stomach After Eating

Distended Stomach after Eating

  • After eating, a lot of people experience having a distended or swollen stomach. It could be painful and accompanied by bloating and flatulence.
  • Having a bloated stomach can be painful, if not embarrassing. This could lead to passing of gas which could be a true embarrassment in social situations.
  • Also, swelling and bloating can be caused by serious problems – a matter that would require medical attention.
  • The feeling could last just a few minutes but could also last for several hours.
  • This could also be chronic, affecting the patient most of the time.

Distended Stomach after Eating Symptoms

Different patients will experience different symptoms. Still, the following are quite common:

  • A swollen abdomen – this could also mean feeling that the abdomen is swollen although it is not very large
  • Flatulence and wind pains – these could cause pain. Also, passing gas can cause social embarrassments, especially if this occurs when the patient is in a crowded area.
  • Pain at the abdominal area. The pain may be dull or sharp, depending on the situation and the exact cause of the problem.
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the abdomen. This could occur for several minutes.
  • Indigestion. This will also make the patient feel dull pain that could last for hours.
  • A full feeling or feeling of “over-eating”. This could happen even if the patient did not actually overeat!
  • Nausea could also accompany the other symptoms.
  • Vomiting is rare but could also occur.

Distended Stomach after Eating Causes

There are many different reasons why this problem occurs. The causes would also vary among patients. Possible reasons are:

  • Overeating. Well, the feeling of overeating really begins somewhere – and that could be because of real overeating. This often occurs if the patient eats too much food in one sitting, too much for the stomach to hold.
  • Diet. Diet is actually the main culprit why people have a distended stomach. Consumption of a lot of meat products and less or no fiber could lead to this problem. However, if the patient does not usually eat fiber products but suddenly consumes too much fiber-rich food items, the bloating could also occur.
  • Stress. It is true that too much stress could actually mess with the normal digestive function, causing bloating, hyperacidity, and other problems.
  • Indigestion and dyspepsia
  • Obstruction of the intestines – full or partial. This could occur due to tumors and other reasons.

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