Causes Of Nummular Dermatitis? Its Symptoms And Natural Remedies

Nummular dermatitis is a skin condition which is characterized by clearly demarcated coin shaped sores on the skin. The patches may last for a few weeks to several months. This condition is not contagious and is also referred to as discoid eczema.

The condition can affect individuals of any age; however it is more frequent among males between the age group of 55 to 65 years or females between the ages of 20 to 30 years. Males are more prone to develop the condition, compared to women.

What Causes Nummular Dermatitis?

There is little understanding about the causative factors associated with the development of this condition, however there are certain factors that may play a role,

  • Exposure to metals like mercury or nickel (which is used for dental fillings).
  • Exposure to formaldehyde.
  • Use of antibiotics like neomycin on the skin.
  • Individuals living in extremely cold and dry climates are also at risk of developing the condition.
  • Individuals with very dry skin or suffering from other types of eczema like atopic or stasis dermatitis.
  • Poor circulation of blood in the extremities associated with edema.
  • These patches on the skin may be associated with skin injury like abrasion, burn or an insect bite.
  • Certain medications like isotretinoion or interferon are linked with this condition. These medications are often consumed internally for the management of severe forms of acne.

The condition may last from a few weeks to several months often depending upon the underlying cause of the condition. The condition may resolve quickly in younger individuals, while it might take longer to resolve in elderly individuals, especially suffering from chronic conditions that affect the heart or the kidney.

Nummular Dermatitis Symptoms

The typical signs and symptoms associated with this condition include the following,

  • Red, blister like patches on the skin which may range from 1 inch to 4 inches in size.
  • These patches are observed along the middle portion of the body, hands, feet or arms.
  • These patches are well demarcated and may itch or burn (ranging from mild to severe). In most cases, the symptoms are aggravated at night and may interfere with sleep.
  • Eventually the blisters may leak resulting in formation of crusts on the skin. Yellowish crusts are indicative of a staphylococcus infection and needs to be treated promptly.

Natural Remedies For Nummular Dermatitis

Nummular dermatitis may recur and hence there are several tips that should be followed to prevent the recurrence of the condition,

  • Avoid exposure to too hot, too dry or too cold. These can irritate the skin can cause a flare up. Experts recommend that individuals should use lukewarm water for bathing and should avoid exposing the skin to extreme temperatures immediately after a bath.
  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your bath water, as it helps fight fungal and bacterial skin infections and has a soothing effect on the skin.
  • Keep your skin moisturized. Local application of natural coconut oil is considered very useful. One can use almond oil, Avocado oil or walnut oil which is loaded with Vitamin E and Vitamin A.
  • Avoid exposing the skin to chemicals soaps and use natural soaps instead.
  • Avoid wearing synthetic clothes or rough fabrics such as wool. Instead use cotton clothing, especially in hot or dry weathers.

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