Diet for Edema Treatment | Foods to Prevent Edema Skin Disease

Edema Diet:

  • The best diet for edema revolves around less salt and fats. This is to prevent further swelling of the body as well as the irritation that may be associated with the infection. Moreover, a lesser salt intake results in a less water retention of the body, which is a very critical in lessening the swelling.
  • Because edema involves excess fluids in the body that build up and then cause swelling on the affected part, the obvious remedy is to drain those excess fluids from the body. Here, it is important to take diuretics. The most popular diuretics of all are coffee. Drinking a cup or two of the brew a day will help the body expel extra fluids. However, make sure not to overdo with it as it may cause some form of heart problems such as palpitations and other anomalies.
  • Another food that will do well for those who suffer from edema is banana. Banana is rich in potassium, which helps regulate the amount of fluid in the muscles and joints, preventing cramps and injuries, and swelling.
  • In the same breadth, avoid foods that are rich in carbohydrates as these are known to retain fluids for the body that may worsen the edema.

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