Preventing Edema Skin Disorder | How to Prevent Edema Skin Disease

Edema Prevention:

Prevention of having edema depends a lot on the diet that one has. This is mainly due to the salt content of the food taken. Salt is known to induce more fluid on the body that can worsen the swelling due to edema. Aside from limiting the salt intake, the following are beneficial means that will keep edema at bay:

  • If a certain body part experiences trauma such as a sudden blow and being pressed against another object, make sure to massage the affected part immediately. One may also try hot and cold compress to reduce the swelling.
  • When encountering stressful conditions, make sure to manage stress efficiently. In this, make sure that one will have a good stress management strategy that will allow the body to rest for a while.
  • Maintain normal and healthy weight for the body. This will prevent putting too much strain on the body which may result to edema in the long run.
  • Exercise regularly. Regular exercises are vital in burning body fats as well as eliminating excess fluids in the body. Moreover, regular exercise will keep the heart healthy, helping one to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, and keeping the capillaries in top condition.

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