Symptoms of Edema Skin Problem | Signs of Edema Skin Disorder

Edema Symptoms:

The main symptom of having edema is a sudden and unexplained swelling of certain body parts, especially in the extremities. The swelling is not accompanied by weight gain, and in any case, weight gain has never been associated with edema, except when a person eats too much salty foods. As an impact of the swelling of the extremities, the following are rather simple tasks that become difficult to execute:

  • Difficulty of putting on shoes and other footwear.
    A person will notice that otherwise well-fitting footwear suddenly becomes too small and tight.
  • Difficulty of putting on or putting off ring/s on the fingers.
  • Wearing wrist bands, anklets, and bracelets will leave a noticeable indentation on the skin that becomes more painful as the body is pressed more and more against the object.

Such difficulties become more noticeable especially toward the end of the day when the body has been exposed to pressure and strain. Other signs of edema are the following:

  • A noticeable swelling on the face, especially on the cheek area.
  • A noticeable puffiness around the eyes.
  • Swelling in the extremities that are accompanied by redness and an itchy feeling.
    This is to distinguish edema from ordinary cases of swelling.

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