Endometriosis Natural Treatment | Home Remedies for Endometriosis Relief

Endometriosis Home Remedies

You can get some relief from the problems that may stem from endometriosis with some of these home remedies that are easy to make. Although fertility problems may need to be addressed by a medical professional, the other symptoms you experience can be taken care of by the following:

  • For abdominal pains or cramping due to these growths, a heating pad or even an ice pack placed in the area where the pain is radiating from can help dissipate this soreness or cramping.
  • To help with problems concerning irregular or problematic bowel movements, you can take a mixture of milk thistle seeds, flowers and leaves of rosemary, vervain herb, and the roots and leaves of the dandelion. This can be taken when you are suffering from diarrhea and constipation due to your endometriosis problem. This can also be taken to help regulate hormonal imbalance during your period.
  • Some women experience some level of nausea with this problem. To help with this, you may brew some ginger tea by peeling some ginger root, cutting it in small pieces and boiling it in some water until the water becomes yellowish in color. Cool this a bit and drink warm to alleviate problems with nausea that may come with endometriosis.

Endometriosis Remedy

Reducing chemical intake by restricting the intake of animal fat, fishes is the best endometriosis treatment. Other ways to treat endometriosis are contrast sitz bath involving sitting in a bath tub containing hot water for 3 minutes and then repeating the same procedure in cold water. This is not recommended during menstruation. Application of castor oil pack on the lower part of the abdomen is also beneficial. Exercising regularly and performing acupressure, meditation and breathing techniques help in relieving endometriosis pain and menstrual periods.

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