Causes of Endometriosis Disease | How to Prevent Endometriosis

What are the causes of endometriosis? There is actually no clear indication as to where this problem stems from and why but there are some theories and studies that seem to point towards a few possibilities. Here are some of the probable reasons why endometriosis occurs:

  • One of the theories that researchers have come up with involves retrograde menstruation or when the menstrual flow backs up into the pelvic cavity and fallopian tubes.
    Retrograde menstruation is said to deposit endometrial tissue in some of the locations mentioned earlier.
  • Another possible cause is coelomic metaplasia. This is said to be the growth of the primitive cells found in the lining of the pelvic organs into endometrial cells.
  • For those who have endometrial implants found in their surgical scars, it is possible that these were transferred directly though inadvertently during the surgery. Surgical procedures like Cesarean sections and episiotomy can be some examples of when these cells may have been transferred.
  • For those rare cases where these growths are found in the brain or in the lungs, the endometrial cells may have travelled to these regions of the body via the bloodstream or through the lymphatic system.
  • One of the last possibilities of why endometriosis occurs is the inability of the woman’s body to detect the misdirected growth of these tissues and the inability of the system to destroy them.

Endometriosis Disease Prevention

How can a woman avoid getting endometriosis? Is there any way that a woman can reduce her chances of getting this problem? There are a few ways that can be used to prevent the occurrence of this ailment, but not all of these preventive measures may be used by everyone.

  • One of the possible ways that a woman can avoid getting endometriosis is to actually get herself pregnant at an early age or frequently. This is not really something that you should do if you are not ready to raise a child or a family. A woman getting pregnant however is seen to lower the incidence and even the severity of this ailment.
  • Another possible way you can prevent endometriosis is to take oral contraceptives or birth control pills. This is another preventive measure that not everyone can take as well since there are women who have hormonal imbalance and have problems with their body when they are on the pill.
  • Avoid stressing yourself out and try to control your stress levels to keep the possibility of your developing endometriosis low. Yoga and meditation may help.
  • Another way you can avoid endometriosis is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. You can do this by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

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