Need of Enema | Use of Barium Enema Process | Uses of Enema Therapy

Why Enema is Needed?

What are the reasons why a person may need to have an enema? There are a number of ailments and health issues that require a person to clean out his or her colons and here are some of them:

  • When a person is constipated or having a hard time moving his bowels, he may opt to have an enema of instead taking an oral laxative. Using an enema to help with constipation makes the expulsion of the feces easier and cleans the colon and bowels as well for easier bowel movement in the next few days.
  • Some people need to have their bowels cleansed because of certain surgical procedures that need to have the area prepared or cleaned. Examples of surgical procedures that require an enema to be performed include a colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. Usually, an enema with sodium phosphate is used here or one with baking soda.
  • An enema can be used to see if there are growths in the colon that need to be thoroughly investigated or treated. A barium enema is utilized when radiological imaging is needed. After the X-rays are taken of the colon and rectal area, the barium that may still be in the system is flushed out with another enema with plain water or baking soda solution to avoid complications in bowel movement.

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