How to Do Enema | Lemon Juice, Coffee and Milk Enema Treatments

Enemas That Can Be Used as Home Remedies:

There are some enemas that you can administer yourself at home for treating constipation, hemorrhoids and for cleansing purposes. Some of the recipes that are used for constipation treatments use baking soda and distilled water while there are those that use mineral oil and water mixed together to help soften the stool before it is excreted. Caution should be exercised when doing a home enema and in choosing your enema solution since some of these may cause a certain amount of colonic irritation:

  • Lemon juice enemas are often used for colonic cleansing and are made with a quart of water mixed with one-third cup lemon juice. This kind of an enema may cause cramping so care should be taken when using this enema.
  • Milk enemas are made by mixing together a quart and a half of warm water, a tablespoon of olive oil, and sixteen ounces of milk that is slightly warmed. Some people add a bit of honey to this mixture as well.
  • Coffee enemas are said to help with cleansing the colon as well as removing toxins that remain in the liver. Coffee enemas are made with the use of a tablespoon of coffee grounds mixed with a quart of water. Usually, enema kits with larger nozzles are used for this to allow for the coffee grinds to pass through.

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