Blocked Nasal Passage Symptoms: Home Remedies For Nasal Congestion

Blocked nasal passage is a universal problem faced by children as well as adults. The condition is so common that it is difficult to find an individual, who may not have suffered an episode of blocked nose during his lifetime.

Blocked nasal passage or nasal congestion is caused due to inflammation of the mucus lining inside the nose.

Blockage may be complete or partial. When you suffer from stuffy nose, it becomes difficult to breathe in and breathe out through the nose. Common cold, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, obstruction due to foreign body (especially in children), nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum are some of the causes for blocked nasal passage. Frequent habit of using medicated nasal drops and sprays is responsible for blocked nasal passage.

Symptoms Of Blocked Nasal Passage

Following are the most common symptoms observed with nose block:

  • Difficulty in breathing through the nose.
  • Diminished sense of smell. Many times there is complete loss of smell.
  • Sneezing.
  • Itching in nose and upper palate.
  • Sore throat.
  • Running nose.
  • Watering of eyes.
  • Snoring.
  • Pain and congestion in ears.
  • Patient finds difficulty in hearing.
  • Anxiety and confusion when both the nostrils are blocked.
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Child finds difficulty in breast feeding.
  • Tip of the nose congested.
  • Constant and unavailing effort to blow the nose.
  • Blockage alternating in nostrils.
  • Feeling of fullness at the root of the nose.
  • Tough stringy plugs from the nose.
  • Dull heavy pressure in forehead.
  • General feeling of dullness and malaise.

Home Remedies To Clear Nasal Congestion

There are many effective home remedies to alleviate blocked nasal passage.

  • Mustard oil: it is the most time tested home remedy for nasal blockage. Apply mustard oil on the external area of the nose one hour before going to bed. Mustard oil relieves congestion as it loosens the thick mucus in the nose which is responsible for nose blockage. Keep a safe distance from the eyes while applying it.
  • Nasal saline drops or spray: mix a pinch of salt in water until it completely dissolves. Now use it as nasal drops or as nasal spray. Salt water is known to relieve stuffy nose.
  • Steam inhalation: add few drops of eucalyptus oil in warm water and inhale the steam. Steam and eucalyptus oil act on the nasal lining and relieves blocked nose due to sticky mucus in the nose.
  • Spices: Eating spicy foods acts as a natural decongestant.
  • Soups: Drink hot tomato soup or chicken soup. Soups are natural decongestants used since olden days to treat nasal blockages. Vitamin C in tomato soup helps to counteract histamine a protein which is responsible for blockage of nasal passages due to cold and allergies.
  • Humidifier: use humidifier in your room to prevent dryness in the nose that may be responsible for stuffy nose, especially in dry winter weather.
  • Onion: onion is best home remedy available in your kitchen self. Smell a cut onion every now and then. Sniffing an onion helps to loosen the mucus that blocks the nasal cavity.
  • If obstruction of nasal passage is due to a foreign body, consult your doctor as self removal may further complicate the matter.
  • Water and liquids: drink plenty of water and fluids to flush all the toxins present in the body. It will keep your body well hydrated.
  • When blocked nasal passage is a constant annoying problem, and the underlying cause is deviated nasal septum, the only option for an adult is nasal septum surgery.

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