Cost Involved for Deviated Septum Surgery and Recovery Time

The nasal septum is a part of the olfactory that separates the right and left airways of the nose. It is comprised of cartilage and bone that divide the two nostrils. It is an abnormal medical condition wherein the top part of the cartilaginous ridge is leaning towards the left or the right.

This will cause the affected nasal passage to be obstructed.

Deviated Septum Surgery

  • Surgery is the most effective way to correct deviated septum. Well, actually, it is the only way. There are no medications that can correct the problem because of its physical nature. Still, medications do help alleviate the symptoms of disease and help the patient have better breathing.
  • The surgery will put the nasal septum into its right place so that the obstruction will be lifted.
  • The surgery will also help the patient breathe easier.
  • Surgery is done to correct deviated septum due to trauma or congenital disorder.

Recovery Time after Deviated Septum Surgery

  • Recovery from the surgery will largely depend upon how much correction was done.
    Of course, correction of minor deviation will heal much faster than correction of a major deviation.
  • It would often take a few days for the patient to start recovering from the surgery. Still, the patient would require weeks or even months for full recovery.
  • The patient might need to stay in a hospital for a few days or just a day. Some patients may not even require hospitalization.
  • Home recovery is hastened by resting, eating healthy food, and medications.

Total Cost involved in Deviated Septum Surgery

  • The costs of this type of surgery will depend on many factors.
  • As with recovery time, minor corrections will be cheaper than major corrections.
  • Different doctors will charge different professional fees.
  • Also, clinics and doctors from different places or states would also have different charges so that the exact costs of the surgery could not be determined. Ask for a quote from the clinic or physician.

Deviated Septum Surgery Risks

  • The patient could experience possible risks and side effects after the surgery. Such includes uncontrolled bleeding from the surgery site. Still, this is not a common occurrence but those who undergo major operations are at a higher risk of having uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Of course, the risks are always there but the benefits far outweigh the risks so that patients still opt to undergo the procedure even with possible risks.

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