Home Remedies for ENT Disorders | Cure Ear, Nose Throat Diseases

Natural Treatment for ENT Disorders:

Just like with the many different ailments, causes and symptoms that are part of the list of ENT disorders, home remedies are also dependent on the kind of ailment you are trying to treat. There are some ailments that can share certain remedies, like a mixture of honey and ginger can be good for both coughs and colds, there are some home remedies that are meant for one particular ailment only.

  • When you are suffering from tonsillitis, you might want to try curing it by mixing together one-fifth cup of beet juice, one-fifth cup of cucumber juice, and three-fifths of a cup of carrot juice. Another tonsillitis remedy would be to make a drink out of four whole teaspoons of pure honey mixed with some warm water and one-fourth teaspoon plain salt. Add some lime to this mixture and drink it at least two times in one day.
  • When strep throat is the problem, you can cure this by simply taking a teaspoon of sunflower oil. You can also try taking some toast that has been soaked in some vinegar to cure this problem.
  • Try this remedy for the common cold. Take an apple and grate this. Place the grated fruit on a clean piece of cheesecloth and apply on your forehead. Make another one of these remedies and place on your throat. Keep these cloth-wrapped grated apples on these areas of your anatomy for an hour.

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