What are the Main Causes of Jaw and Ear Pain with Its Treatment

In most cases, pain in the jaw and ear go hand in hand because these two structures are located close together, and these work together as well. In most instances, the pain starts in either the jaw or ear and makes its way to its partner. Although the cause of the pain may be central to one of the two, the pain is rarely felt in one as both will often experience pain.

Jaw and Ear Pain Causes

There are a lot of possible causes for a jaw and ear pain. The pain may radiate from the jaw to the ear or the other way around. This means that the cause may come from either the jaw or the ear. Enumerated below are the possible causes of pain in the jaw and the ear.

  • A broken jaw
  • Tooth abscess or cavities on the tooth
  • A trigeminal nerve centered disease called Fothergill disease which is manifested by severe pain on the face lasting for minutes.
  • Any injury affecting the jaw and the teeth.
  • Jaw conditions caused by inflammation, injury, or genetic defects.
  • Disorders of the jaw joint
  • Cancer of the neck or the oropharynx
  • An abscess of the tonsils
  • Exposure of a nerve or a bone on a tooth because of a dry socket.
  • Salivary gland cancer

Jaw and Ear Pain Treatment

Jaw and ear pain can be treated in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Avoid eating foods that are hard to chew while the pain is still present.
  • Apply warm compress on the painful area and massage the jaw.
  • Apply ice on area with tissue damage and on swollen parts. Repeat this for 6 times within the day allowing the tissues to rest from the coolness for at least 45 minutes.
  • Garlic oil can serve as a natural antibiotic and is a good relief for ear pain. It can be made at home by just crushing the garlic and pouring olive oil on it in a small jar and letting it stay in the jar for a minimum of 24 hours. Before using it, warm it first and let it cool down to room temperature. Apply it on ears with a dropper and cover the earhole with a cotton ball for 20 minutes. Wash ears after that and repeat the procedure for three or four times daily.
  • For severe cases wherein an injury or a serious disease is involved, it is important to seek the advice of the doctor. Sometimes, an operation may be performed.

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