Home Remedies to Naturally Treat Loss of Smell and Its Causes

Loss of Smell Causes

Loss of smell is often caused by conditions involving the mucus membrane in the nasal ways. These certain conditions lead to the anosmia or the loss of smell. Specifically, these are:

  • Allergy that can be brought about by medicine, food, animal dander or pollen results to loss of smell.

  • Infections in the upper respiratory inflame the nasal passages. These include flu, sinusitis, and common colds.

  • Microorganisms such as fungi, viruses and bacteria can affect the sense of smell.

  • Other health conditions such as nasal tumor, deformities in the nasal septum, and nasal polyps can cause this condition.

  • Loss of smell can also be triggered by certain conditions affecting the brain and nervous system such as tumors in the brain, side effects of medication, chemical exposure, Alzheimer’s disease and aging process.

Loss of Smell Home Remedy

Because loss of smell arises from several causes, its treatment would involve the cure of the triggering factors. The following are simple procedures which can be done at home:

  • Cure the cold – When the nasal passages have been blocked due to colds, rest and enough sleep is the best remedy.

    It also helps to engage in simple exercises and warm bath. Doing these would widen the nasal passages.

  • Certain vitamin supplements – Vitamin E supplements and those that have beta-carotene are effective in treating upper respiratory conditions which causes loss of smell.

  • Treating the sinus – Recurrent sinus infection can clog the nasal tract. Thus, decongestants and antibacterial drugs can be taken to remedy the problem.

  • Removal of the nasal polyp – If the cause is due to polyp growth in the nasal cavity these can be melted with the use of medication. However, bigger ones should be removed surgically.

  • Mask – The sense of smell can be greatly damaged by pollution and dust. It is then beneficial to wear mask when exposed to these.

Loss of Smell Natural Treatment

These are natural remedies for loss of smell:

  • Garlic Soup: This can be easily done by chopping three cloves of garlic and mixing it with a cup of water. Boil the mixture and drink it. The garlic serves as a natural antibacterial agent and helps in alleviating congestion by opening up the nasal airways.

  • Lemon Juice: Because lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C, it helps in increasing the body’s resistance to diseases and gives natural treatment for colds. This can be taken with honey and warm water two times a day.

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