Causes and Natural Remedies for Mucus or Phlegm Congestion

Mucus Congestion

  • Mucus congestion or simply known as phlegm takes place in the throat, nose, lungs, and other parts of the respiratory system.
  • Mucus naturally is present in some parts of the respiratory system. It functions as a wall lining and has immunoglobulin and antiseptic enzymes that prevent infections, irritants and other problems within.
    It usually gets congested when it will multiply in large amounts to fight off foreign objects.
  • Some of the most common symptoms that will show when a patient has mucus congestion include difficulty in breathing or shortness in breath, scratchy throat, coughing, wheezing, mild to severe chest pains, runny nose, ear pain, fever, and tightening in the chest area. In severe cases, patients often will cough out blood.
  • Babies also experience mucus congestion. It is important to clear the nose from mucus build up to allow normal breathing and prevent it from dripping down the throat. This can be done by using a bulb syringe.

Mucus Congestion Cause

  • Mucus congestion is usually present when a patient has colds, coughs, or flu.
  • The congestion can also be caused by an infection. This usually occurs at the back of the throat and is contributed by ailments like tonsillitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, catarrh, and pharyngitis.
  • Viral infections that cause measles, croup, chicken pox, and whopping coughs can also cause mucus to congest in the respiratory tract.
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Substances found in the environment can also contribute to mucus congestion. Patients who smoke and drink a large amount of alcohol in a regular basis can get their mucus membranes irritated and cause congestion. Exposure to second hand smoke, pollutants, and chemicals can also cause mucus congestion.

Basically, when the mucus membrane that lines the wall of the lungs gets irritated due to the factors mentioned, it will multiply in number to fight off these factors and thus cause congestion.

Natural Remedies for Mucus Congestion

  • One of the best and simple ways that has been recommended by doctors in treating and relieving mucus congestion is by drinking lots of water. Juice and tea with honey can also help.
  • Warm water with a pinch of salt can be gargled in a daily basis to promote faster relief from mucus congestion.
  • Patients can also inhale the steam from hot water that is placed in a bowl with eucalyptus oil.
  • Kali sulph, Kali mur, and Kali bich are natural ingredients that are effective in relieving symptoms of mucus congestion.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C.
  • Patients should avoid consuming dairy products and cold beverages and food to prevent further mucus build-up.

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