Symptoms of Oral Cysts and Its Home Remedies for Treatment

Oral Cysts Symptoms

Cysts can either be empty or filled with water as a result of inflammation. Oral cysts can be found against the mucosa, which can be very painful if found near innervated areas. There are many types of cysts which are generally not cancerous. Oftentimes, these cysts can be found in the salivary glands, the jawbone, or within the gums.

Persons with oral cysts need to have these cysts examined and treated before conditions worsen. Large oral cysts can cause trouble as these can settle on hard jaw bones. It also disrupts teeth placement, causing biting problems.

An individual can have a cyst mistaken for an ordinary lump. A few characteristics differentiate cysts from lumps. The following are common symptoms that individuals may use to distinguish an oral cyst:

  • Small, painless elevations in the oral area.
  • 1-inch diameter in size.
  • Commonly found under the lower lip area, inner cheek, and gums.
  • It is painless until it becomes fully infected.
  • Bulged jawbone and teeth movements.

Oral Cysts Remedies

An oral cyst can be remedied by applying a cotton ball soaked in organic vinegar around six times a day.

Chilled tea bags are also good remedies which can be used to alleviate pain and soothe discomfort. Individuals can also detoxify the mouth infected with oral cysts on a regular basis. This is done by taking one teaspoon of sesame oil and swirling it around the mouth for 10 minutes. Bacteria in the mouth can be killed using this home remedy, as sesame oil has bactericidal properties. The cyst can be effectively remedied as long as proper oral hygiene is administered.

Home Remedies for Treating Oral Cysts

A wound left exposed for too long without washing it off with an antiseptic can cause the formation of oral cysts. Unsterile needles can also cause cysts in the mouth. Since the mouth contains natural bacterial flora, unhygienic practices can cultivate the growth of pathogens. Individuals can make a lot of remedies available at home which include:

  • Daily mouth cleaning. Clean the mouth and the infected area around 4 to 6 times a day.
  • Diluted vinegar. Rinse the mouth with diluted vinegar to eliminate the bacteria that causes cysts.
  • Put on tea bags. Chilled tea bags are among the best remedies for enlarged cysts. Patients with enlarged oral cysts can have cold tea bags applied on the infected area to avoid swelling.
  • Home-made milk paste. Individuals can also apply milk cream and rose water to the cysts as it will ease the pain and prevent further irritation.
  • Honey. People having oral cysts can also apply honey to relieve the pain and stop the irritation.

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