Symptoms of Sinus Inflammation and Its Remedies for Treatment

Sinus Inflammation

  • Sinus inflammation would prevent patients from breathing through their nose. This does not only cause difficulty in breathing properly, but it can cause further infection in the sinuses.

  • Sinus inflammation or otherwise known as sinus infection and sinusitis is caused by several factors. Some of the common ones include exposure to cold wind and smoke, mold or mildew, pollens from flowers, and exposure to patients with colds.

    Exposure to such factors allows patients to come in contact with bacteria, virus, and rarely fungi which can cause the infection or inflammation.

  • There are conditions which can trigger chronic sinus inflammation. These conditions include asthma, immune diseases that cause nasal blockage, fractured facial bones, and a deviated wall in between the nostrils, and polyps or tumors in the nasal passage.

  • In rare and severe cases, the inflammation from the sinuses can reach the nervous system and cause life-threatening illnesses and complications like brain abscess and meningitis. It can also spread through the eyes and cause blindness.

Sinus Inflammation Symptoms

There are a lot of symptoms that are associated with sinus inflammation.

This is due to the fact that this condition affects patients in a variety of ways.

  • Thick discharge from the nose which usually takes a yellowish or greenish color. This discharge is often drained by the throat and has a certain foul smell.

  • There is a difficulty or inability to breathe in the nose.

  • Mild to severe headaches that will affect any part of the face.

  • Pain in the eyes.

  • One or both ears will have a tendency to snap and crackle and often aches.

  • Toothache.

  • A feeling of intense pain in the head when patients bend the whole body or bows down the head.

  • Fatigue.

  • Onset of high fever and chills.

  • Runny nose or symptoms experienced when having flu.

  • Patients may experience having mucus drained at the back of their throats. This is commonly termed as postnasal drip.

  • Difficulty in smelling things.

  • Inability to taste food properly.

  • Patients with the condition usually have coughs.

  • Bad breath. This is caused by the infection happening in the sinuses.

Sinus Inflammation Remedy

  • Patients that have inflamed sinuses should use saline nasal spray on a regular basis to help clean the sinus cavity and prevent it from getting infected.

  • Over the counter decongestants and nasal sprays that are prescribed by a doctor can also be used.

  • Hot compress. This will be placed on top of the nose and done several times in a day.

  • Inhaling steam from boiling water in a bowl while covering the head with a towel can help relieve the symptoms.

  • Plenty of Rest.

  • Drinking lots of water

  • Antibiotics for those inflammations that are caused by bacteria.

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