Home Remedy for Treating Swollen Uvula and Its Causes

The uvula, for those that are not yet familiar, is a small fleshy type of mass that hangs at the back of the soft palate. Many think it is there for no reason in particular but it serves a number of functions for the human body. Because of certain abuses or even because of infection, the uvula can swell.

Treatment may or may not be indicated depending on the cause.

Swollen Uvula Causes

A simple background information on the uvula:

  • The uvula is made up of muscle and tissue.

  • It helps with the person’s sound and speech articulation.

  • It also “catches” microorganisms, pathogens, or allergens that can enter the oral cavity and cause illnesses for the digestive tract.

  • The uvula is also responsible for closing the nasopharynx, preventing food from entering the nasal cavity when a person swallows.

  • The uvula is never removed unless a severe form of mouth cancer is detected.

Some causes for the uvula to become swollen include:

  • Sleeping with the mouth open.

  • Living in places with dry conditions or arid climates.

  • Smoking or smokers

  • Working or living in highly polluted areas.

  • Snoring when sleeping.

  • Extremely hot food or liquids

  • Allergic reactions

  • Acid reflux

  • Tonsillitis

  • Viral and bacterial infections

Swollen Uvula Home Remedy

The best thing about a swollen uvula is that it can respond quite well to home remedies.

  • Gargle with lukewarm saline water. This mixture can be made by mixing a little salt to lukewarm water.

  • Drinking turmeric water. This mixture can be made by adding a pinch of turmeric to a glass of ice cold water.

  • Ice chips. Chew ice chips as long as the person can handle the cold.

  • Chewing garlic. Chewing approximately 2-3 cloves twice in a day can help reduce the swelling of the uvula.

  • Honey. Consuming honey regularly on a daily basis helps the uvula to recover at a much faster rate.

  • Rehydrate. Drink plenty of water if dehydration is the cause for the swollen uvula.

  • Modify diet. For as long as the uvula is swollen, the individual should eat a bland, soft or liquid diet at a temperature the individual can handle.

  • Medications. Medications may only be indicated when the uvula is swollen due to an infection or if the swollen uvula does not respond to home treatment.

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