What are the Natural Treatment for Throat Cancer and Its Symptoms

Throat Cancer Symptoms

  • Constant mild to severe coughing that will not go away.

  • Unusual changes in voice. Generally, patients with throat cancer will develop hoarseness of voice.

  • Difficulties and pain in swallowing and chewing.

  • Pain in the ears that can continue for long periods of time.

  • Sores or lumps in the throat that won’t heal.

    These lumps can also be observed in the mouth, neck, and on the lips.

  • Sore throat that won’t heal even with administration of antibiotics.

  • A feeling that something is trapped in the throat.

  • Red and white patches that are observed in the tongue, gums, and lining inside the mouth.

  • Pain, numbness, and bleeding in the mouth.

  • Inflammation and pain in the jaw, neck area, and upper teeth.

  • Coughing out blood.

  • Sudden and unintentional weight loss.

  • Breathing problems.

  • Bad breath

  • Difficulties in speaking.

  • Chronic headaches.

  • Blocked sinuses. Blockage will not go away even with administration of decongestants and medications for sinusitis.

  • Nosebleed

  • Swelling in the eyes.

Throat Cancer Natural Treatment

  • Stop smoking.

    Smoking only makes treatment procedures less effective and makes healing difficult after surgery. It also heightens risks of developing another form of cancer in the future.

  • Stop regular consumption of alcoholic drinks. This can prevent development of another throat cancer and can also help patients tolerate treatments normally administered.

  • Acupuncture. This has been proven to alleviate pain associated with the condition and improves swallowing abilities of patients. Targeted sites include the small and large intestines, lungs, larynx, tonsils, and auricular points that connect the pharynx and esophagus.

  • Massage Therapy and Acupressure. Both procedures alleviate the pain that patients experience.

  • Relaxation techniques like meditation.

  • Elm powder mixed with filtered water can help soothe swelling and pain.

  • Maritime pine extract mixed with water and consumed on a daily basis can help boost the immune system and help manage symptoms. This extract is a rich source of antioxidants.

  • Graviola. This is a kind of fruit-bearing tree which is also known as Brazilian pawpaw or soursop and has been proven to have annonaceous acetogenins, which are chemicals that have cytotoxic properties. Pulp of the fruit, leaves, and almost all parts of the tree has been processed and made into capsules as supplements for patients diagnosed with cancer.

  • Budwig Diet. This specialized diet focuses on consuming foods that are rich in amino acids that contain sulfur and omega-3 fatty acids. Flax oil is recommended as the source for omega 3 since fish often contains toxins. Cottage cheese and yogurt are some of the best sources of sulfur containing amino acids. These ingredients should be mixed in a blender for the concoction to work properly.

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