Home Remedies For Growing Thick Eyebrows: Eyebrow Hair Growth Tips

It is an inherent desire of every woman to look young and beautiful, even if she has crossed her fifties. A thick and nicely shaped eyebrow defines her face and makes her look more beautiful and attractive. Although the pair of eyebrows is important cosmetically, its main function is to prevent sweat, water and dirt to enter into the eye socket.

An eyebrow is also an important mean of communication and facial expression, such as surprise or anger. Therefore having thick and hairy eyebrow is great asset, both, to enhance your beauty as well as to protect your eyes. It is in this context everyone prefers to have thick hairy eyebrows.

Unfortunately, there are many people who do not have hairy eyebrows or there is complete loss of eyebrow hairs as you see in cancer patients after chemotherapy, or in patients who have lot of dandruff in their eyebrows. Many people seek ways and means for eyebrow hair growth; however there is no shortcut or magic pill that can make your eyebrow hairs grow overnight. Cosmetic procedures may aid in camouflaging the eyebrows to look thicker when you need it instantly.

Home Remedies For Eyebrow Hair Growth

There are certain home remedies that can be beneficial in eyebrow hair growth. But as mentioned earlier, you have to keep patience as it takes time before they appear visibly thick and bold.

  • Castor oil: it is an effective home remedy to grow eyebrow hairs. Applying it regularly at night and during day helps the eyebrow hair to grow thick and full. All you have to do is to take few drops of Castor oil and massage it gently on the eyebrows. The enhanced hair growth is attributed to ricinoleic acid and omega -9fatty acid present in Castor oil. ┬áThe fatty acid nurtures and moisturizes the hair. ┬áRicinoleic acid protects the eyebrow hairs from germs and microbes that damage the hair roots.
  • Olive oil: it is an ingredient in your kitchen closet. To enhance the growth of eyebrows, apply little olive oil on them every day. Do not expect a change very fast, but there are many people who have actually experienced the change within a week.
  • Rub egg white on the eyebrows and keep it for 15 minutes before washing it off with plain water. Egg white provides extra nourishment to the eyebrow hairs.

How To Make Your Eyebrows Grow Thicker?

  • Another easy and cheap home remedy is to apply milk on your eyebrows. The protein and vitamin present in milk nourishes your eyebrow hairs and makes them grow fuller and thicker.
  • Vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel: mix few drops of vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel and apply the mixture on your eyebrows for few hours before you rinse it with water. Regular application allows your eyebrow hairs to strengthen and appear thicker.
  • Diet also plays an important role in hair growth. Protein, vitamins and minerals are very important for healthy hair growth. It even applies to eyebrow hairs. Eat protein rich foods such as fish, lean meat, egg white, dairy products, lentils and sprouts. Green vegetables contain lot of vitamins and minerals, eat them liberally. You can also take vitamin supplements when your body is deficient in vitamins or your diet is not vitamin and mineral rich.
  • Certain cosmetic preparations such as eye liners can aid in camouflaging the eyebrow hair loss and make it appear to look thick and full. However, take precaution not to overdo it as that may look uglier.

Tips To Grow Thick Eyebrows

Few tips that you should know regarding eyebrow hair growth:

  • Eyebrow hair growth may vary from person to person.
  • It also depends on your diet as well as how old you are.
  • Climate and environment also plays certain role in eyebrow hair growth.
  • The growth of eyebrows is fast in winter than in any other season.
  • If eyebrow hair loss is due to a disease or medicine, it may take long time for the hairs to grow.

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