Female Infertility Remedies | Natural Treatment for Women Sterility

Female Sterility Natural Remedies

Most women who find out that they are suffering from infertility sometimes go to specialists that promise them they can get pregnant using a multitude of techniques and remedies. These doctors can be very expensive, and the materials and procedures that need to be done to help keep the baby in the uterus can also cost a lot. Here are some home remedies you can try when you have infertility problems and these are pretty inexpensive:

  • As long as the problem is not congenital, you can try to get yourself pregnant by using the roots of the banyan tree as a supplement when you are trying to conceive. Dried banyan tree roots should be ground up into a very fine powder. Mix together a hundred milliliters of warm milk with twenty grams of this powder and drink this mixture for three nights straight immediately after the end of your menstrual cycle.
  • Another herb that may prove helpful in your quest for pregnancy and a baby is the herb called winter cherry. The powder of this herb should be consumed along with warm milk at night before you go to bed. Five to eight grams of this powder taken in your nightly milk for a week after your period may help give you positive results when it comes to trying to conceive.

Women Infertility Home Remedies

Extracts of chastberry helps in regulating the reproductive hormones in the body by correcting the hormonal balances in women during pregnancy and menses. Herb to boost women fertility is Black Cohosh which also benefits in relaxing painful menses. Siberian Ginseng herb supports the functioning of reproductive organs by balancing the levels of hormones, stamina and libido. Jamun leaves consumption or consuming the mixture of boiling water, honey and butter milk is effective in improving female infertility.

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