Female Infertility Prevention | How to Prevent Women Sterility

Female Sterility Prevention Measures:

How to prevent female sterility is often dependent on whether or not a woman has defects that may affect her chances of having a child. If a woman is healthy enough and does not have any problems with her uterus, her fallopian tubes, or the other parts of her body that need to be healthy for her to conceive, then preventive measures can be undertaken.

  • To prevent undue stress and fatigue, which can hinder the proper ovulation and fertilization of a woman’s egg cell, certain relaxation exercises and activities should be done. Try to practice meditation and yoga when you are stressed out from work or from some other factor that stresses you out. Having a relaxing massage or going to a spa to dip in a therapeutic spa treatment can also be helpful.
  • Eating healthy and exercising is another way to help prevent infertility or sterility. Eating healthy foods and keeping yourself fit will help keep your body’s system running smoothly and will help keep your menstrual periods coming regularly.
  • Try to avoid certain bad habits that may affect your total well-being and your fertility. Drinking alcohol in excess and smoking can actually lower your chances of conceiving.
    Consuming too much caffeine can also affect your bodily functions; therefore, if you have to drink coffee or tea which are both drinks with caffeine, try to do so in moderation.

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