Hearty Breakfast For Fertility In Women: How To Improve Fertility?

Polycystic ovarian disease syndrome (PCOS) is one of the leading causes of infertility in women. As per recent study and published news reports, having a hearty breakfast can help combat PCOS and thereby deal with infertility among women.

Under normal conditions, an ovary produces an ovarian follicle, which contains an ovum (or egg). Typically, the ovarian follicle matures and releases the egg into the fallopian tube. A new ovarian follicle is formed during each menstrual cycle. In females with polycystic ovarian disease syndrome, the ovarian follicle fails to mature. This results in failure to release the ovum (egg) into the fallopian tube, leading to infertility. Also the ovarian follicle transforms into a cyst.

Typically, females suffering from PCOS are also found to have abnormally high insulin levels. This in turn elevates the testosterone levels, which further disrupts menstrual cycles. In general, PCOS is associated with hormonal imbalance, which in principal leads to infertility.

Hearty Breakfast To Boost Fertility In Women

The study evaluated 60 slim women, suffering from PCOS for a period of 3 months. One group of women was asked to have high calorie breakfast, while the other group was asked to have a high calorie dinner. In the first group, almost half the women ovulated at least once by the end of the study, in comparison to one fifth in the later group. This in simple terms indicated higher fertility attributed to high calorie breakfast.

Researchers have tried to explain the phenomenon,

  • After having a meal, the food gets digested and is absorbed by the blood. Once the blood glucose levels rise, insulin is released by the pancreas. Insulin aids the body cells in absorption of glucose from the blood.
  • Typically, the amount of insulin released usually depends upon level of glucose in blood. This means that when blood sugar level is high, insulin levels are high. The insulin levels would drop once the blood sugar levels drop. Unfortunately, in patients with PCOS, insulin levels remain abnormally high, either due to poor insulin sensitivity or faulty dietary practices.
  • A high calorie breakfast is supposed to help regulate insulin throughout the day. Researchers suggest that this helps reduce insulin level by 8%. This in turn reduces testosterone levels by almost 50%.
  • Lowered testosterone levels results in improved hormonal balance and this improves the chances of ovulation. Better ovulation means that the risk of infertility is considerably reduced, though it may not directly be linked with conception rates.

Benefits Of High Calorie Breakfast For Fertility

A high calorie breakfast in the morning is beneficial in more than one way to improving fertility.

Firstly, 8 hours of sleep at night lower the blood sugar levels. Body cells would need glucose for their metabolic functions. As a result, the pancreas releases insulin, to allow body cells to absorption glucose. With low levels of blood sugar and high levels of insulin, it impacts metabolism. Hence having a high calorie diet helps regulate insulin and blood sugar levels.

Secondly, a high calorie breakfast reduces spiking of insulin levels during the day and maintains them at a optimum level through the day. This in turn reduces testosterone levels and improves fertility.

It is essential to avoid processed and junk foods in the morning. Also avoid soda and oily foods as they can have detrimental effect on the heart. Note that a high calorie breakfast should be followed by a low calorie lunch and dinner.

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