Causes and Home Remedies for Fever Blisters on Lips

Fever blisters are also known as cold sores. They are a common viral infection characterized by a cluster of fluid filled protrusions that are often found on the area surrounding the mouth.

  • These are contagious and are spread via direct contact
  • It can happen to both adults and kids
  • The blisters can lead to sores if left untreated
  • The infection can also spread to the inside of the lips or to the hard and soft palate of the mouth

Are Fever Blisters on Lips Contagious?

  • Yes, these are highly contagious lesions on the skin.
  • They spread from person to person through direct contact.
  • They can be spread by hand to mouth or they can also be spread by kissing.
  • Infection control is necessary and patients and their carers should practice the proper hand washing techniques.

Fever Blisters on Lips Symptoms

Here are the symptoms to watch out for when fever blisters are suspected:

  • Red blisters on the area surrounding the mouth or on the lips
  • Open sores

Other symptoms associated with the infection include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Soreness of the mouth or of the cheeks
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

The symptoms can come during the first few days after the infection. In some cases, it can take weeks before any symptoms are observed. Infection can recur over time and it is most prominent in people who have autoimmune concerns like those with HIV or those on chemotherapy.

Fever Blister Causes

  • The infection is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1
  • It is highly contagious and patients and their caregivers should practice proper infection control.

Treatment for Fever Blisters

Since this is a viral infection, there is no known cure for the condition, instead the patient is going to be provided with supportive treatment that could help to relieve symptoms.

Some of the possible treatments include:

  • Antiviral drugs
  • Pain medication
  • Antipyretics
  • Rest

There may also be some medications that are given as autoimmune system boosters to help the body fight off the infection.

Home Remedies for Fever Blisters on Lips

Some possible home treatments for the condition include:

  • Tea bag compress – tea contains a compound that may have antiviral properties. Applying cold or room temperature tea bags to the sores can help hasten recovery.
  • Aloe Vera Extract is also known to help with the condition
  • Cold compress on the affected area may also help the patients deal with pain.

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