What are the Main Causes of Smelly Flatulence and Constipation

Smelly flatulence is passing of foul smelling gas from the anus under pressure which often creates a sound. Most of us might have experienced problem of smelly flatulence at some point or the other in our life, and we know how embarrassing situation it might have been. The gas emitted from the intestine is called flatus, while the gas which comes out from the mouth is referred as a burp or as eructation. Intestinal gas is caused by the breakdown of the food that we eat. It is the bacteria and the yeast present in the intestine which is responsible for forming gas in the abdomen.

Smelly Flatulence Causes

Flatulence in general and smelly flatulence in particular is caused due to slow movement of the bowels and slow digestion. This can trigger fermentation of the content by the bacteria and the yeast resulting in accumulation of gas in the intestine. Flatulence basically occurs when there is excessive buildup of gas in the digestive tract; it is accompanied by bloating, pain in abdomen and feeling of discomfort.

When you consume large amount of fibrous food, cabbage, beans and white flour products there is a chance of excess buildup of gas and smelly flatulence.

Tight fitting clothes and tight waist belts can cause restricted bowel movements which may ultimately produce gas.

Bad eating habits, lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome are some other causes for smelly flatulence.

Smelly flatulence and constipation are often associated. When the fecal matter stagnates in the colon for a long time due to slow bowel movement, or constipation the undigested food starts to decompose and the bacteria act upon it, producing various gases such as sulfur, methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen etc as a result of breakdown of sulfur containing proteins and amino acids. These gases produce foul smelling flatulence. No sooner constipation is cured; you will get relief from foul smelling flatulence. If the problem still persists, you will have to consult the physician to find the root cause for your problem.

Smelly Flatulence Natural Cures

  • To avoid constipation drink enough water.
  • Walking helps to facilitate bowel movements, walk for half hour daily.
  • Lemon juice also helps to relieve smelly gas. Squeeze a lemon in warm water and drink a glassful of water daily in the morning. It helps to promote digestion and dissolve the gases.
  • Grate a piece of ginger and add it in your cup of tea, boil it for a while and drink it early in the morning. You can also add spearmint while preparing the tea.
  • Prepare a concoction of germander, blessed thistle, and buckbean with equal parts. Take this infusion once before meals.
  • Cut few slices of fresh ginger soak them in lime juice and chew them after meals.
  • Avoid foods that cause flatulence such as cabbage, beans, fermented foods, if you are prone to get flatulence.

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  • March 12, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    One of the most common causes for smelly gas is incomplete evacuation. This is common because we are always in hurry. Some people are too lazy and they resist natural urge of bowel evacuation. This leads to accumulation of feces in the bowel and smelly flatulence.


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