Diet for Stomach Flatulence Treatment | Foods to Avoid Abdomen Gas

Flatulence Diet:

The diet that you need to focus on when you have problems with flatulence should include foods that do not increase the production of gas in your stomach. You should also try to omit or, at best, limit the intake of gas-producing foods when you eat. Here are some dietary tips that you can try to follow:

  • Some of the best known trigger foods for flatulence include beans, cabbage, broccoli, onions, and carbonated drinks. Try to avoid or minimize your intake of these foods.
  • If you are lactose intolerant, avoid food made from dairy products or food with dairy in it to help you avoid this problem. Ice cream, milk, cakes, puddings, cheese, and other similar food stuff are examples of food with dairy in them.
  • If you are trying to change to a high fiber diet, try to do this gradually. Suddenly switching to a diet that is very high in fiber will cause your stomach to react differently and will cause it to produce too much gas. When trying to go healthy, do it slowly and gradually to allow your digestive system to adjust to it.
  • Dried fruit are also considered foods that cause flatulence. Try to limit your intake of such items like raisins and prunes to keep yourself from creating too much gas in your digestive system.

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