Preventing Stomach Flatulence | Prevent Abdominal Flatulence

Flatulence Prevention Measures:

Preventing flatulence is easy since what you might need to do is to simply avoid the things that cause such a problem. Usually, avoiding the food that cause flatulence is one of the main preventive measures you can undertake. Other things that can help you avoid this gassy problem include the following:

  • Since flatulence is brought about by poor digestion, try to do some things that will your stomach digest what you eat. Walking a short distance or for a few minutes after you eat will help your stomach digest your food and help avoid this problem of flatulence. Another preventive measure you can take that has something to do with digestion is to avoid going to bed right after you eat.
  • Try to incorporate into your diet certain foods and herbs that can stop flatulence. Cardamoms, cloves, ginger, and parsley can help prevent gasses from forming excessively in your stomach.
  • Avoid chewing gum and other things that may cause you to swallow a lot of air. Smoking is another habit that will make you ingest a lot of unneeded air in the stomach.
  • When you eat, try to eat slowly and chew your food properly. Gulping down your food in a hurry can cause flatulence. Talking while eating can also cause flatulence so try to limit conversations at the dinner table during times when you are not eating or in between courses.

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