Stomach Flatulence Symptoms | Signs of Abdominal Flatulence

Flatulence Symptoms:

What are the main symptoms of a person who has flatulence? The main symptom is the expulsion of air from the person’s rear end or what is called farting. Sometimes this air may be released with a little sound and some odor accompanying it. Here are a few more symptoms that may accompany flatulence, depending on why a person is experiencing this gassy state:

  • Some people who have flatulence experience a tight and round stomach or bloating.
    This can be very uncomfortable since the person may feel like their stomach is stretched tight like a drum.
  • Abdominal pain and pain in other parts of the body can also be one of the symptoms you will feel when you have flatulence. Depending on the reasons why you have this gas problem, abdominal pain can run from the middle part of your stomach down to the pelvic area and even to the lower back.
  • Some people belch along with the farting when they have flatulence. This is because air can be released from both ends and if a person is feeling rather bloated and gassy, the air that wants to be released can sometimes find its way out of the body through the esophagus, which then results in burping.

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