Fordyce Spots On Labia: What Are Its Causes And Natural Remedies?

Fordyce spots are typical pimple like whitish or yellowish spots on labia and in some cases may also be present inside the lips of the vaginal folds. While these spots are completely harmless, they are very unsightly resulting in depression and distress among the female sufferer. The incidence and the degree of Fordyce spots may vary from person to person.

There are hosts of treatment options that can help you get rid of Fordyce spots naturally.

Fordyce spots on labia or vagina are 1-2 mm yellowish whitish spots on labia or inside the vagina. The labia have several sebaceous glands which release sebum which keeps the labial folds moist. However in some cases, hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands may lead to appearance of white spots or pimples which may give the labia a typical appearance.

Fordyce spot may be present since birth but become prominent especially during puberty and may persist throughout the life of the female. Normally Fordyce spot is present around the vagina and are usually asymptomatic.

What Causes Fordyce Spots On Labia?

The labia and vagina have several sebaceous glands which release sebum to keep the labia moist and healthy.

In some cases, hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands may lead to formation of yellowish or whitish spots on labia, which may give a typical pimple appearance.

Fordyce spots affects females of all age groups however vary in manifestation. They become apparent after puberty and may remain obvious throughout the reproductive age. Eventually after menopause the presence of Fordyce spots reduces considerably. Some suggest that the presence of Fordyce spots is linked with the hormonal changes in the female’s body and higher levels of estrogen in blood.

Natural Remedies For Fordyce Spots On Labia?

Fordyce spots on labia are usually asymptomatic and don’t require any treatment. However some females may want to get rid of Fordyce spots since they are unsightly in appearance and can interfere with their sexual life. Also inappropriate treatment of Fordyce spots increases the risk of irritation, infection and pain in the labia. Here are some simple treatment regimens that are useful in management of Fordyce spots,

  • Fordyce spots can be attributed to hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands, which may also be associated with dryness in the vagina. Local application of aloe vera lotion can help in reducing the occurrence of Fordyce spots in the labia.
  • Homeopathic drugs like silicea and hepar sulph are very useful in the management of these spots, especially if they are associated with inflammation and irritation.
  • Ensure a regular Sitz bath. Sit in a tub full of warm water with your genitals exposed. Add an antiseptic solution like Dettol to the water and soak your genitals for a few minutes. This will help get rid of infection around the genitals, if any and the warm water helps in improving blood circulation and production of sebum.

If these simple home based treatment don’t help you get rid of the condition, get yourself medically evaluated and examined.

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