Are You Forgetting Words While Talking? 4 Tips to Improve This

Forgetting words while speaking is normal part of life and many of us sometime or the other may have experienced this. It may be quiet frustrating when you stand blank and struggle to find words in the middle of your talk in front of an audience. If this occurs often anyone may think that you are going crazy or you are losing your memory.

Although embarrassing, forgetting words in middle of your speech or while speaking may have several different causes. The reason may be personalized. The underlying cause that you may have may not be the same for someone else who has such episodes of forgetting words or names. Let us know the reasons underlying this embarrassing situation.

Why do you forget words while you are talking?

Several causes can lead you to forget words and names when you are talking. Some of the reasons are reversible and temporary where as chronic conditions that cause this problem can be slowed down. Here are important causes:

  • Stress: When you are stressed your mind remains distracted towards certain.
    It is possible during this time that you forget the words or sentences that you want to say while talking. Especially chronic stress worsens memory and learning.
  • Multitasking: If you are performing or taking several task at the same time, your concentration while speaking may deviate. This can cause temporary problem in recollecting words that you intend to speak.
  • Depression can affect the functioning of the brain cells. These cells transmit message very fast from once brain cell to another. When a person is depressed he is not able to focus and learn.
  • Insomnia and deprived sleep: Your brain stores memory best when it as rest that is during sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep, the storage cell in your brain is empty which makes you forget things that may be done just few minutes ago. It also leads to forgetfulness of words and sentences.
  • Smoking, alcohol, additive drugs all can cause decline in a person’s cognitive ability. If you are smoke more, you are likely to forget words more frequently.
  • Dementia: Yes aging is a slow process that may bring on forgetfulness or dementia. With growing age the brain cells die. They do not regenerate as other tissues and body cells. Forgetting words can be a part of senile dementia or Alzheimer disease in its initial stage.
  • Hypothyroidism is a disease which can hamper thinking process. The hormone called thyroid hormone has vast functions, which also includes clear thinking process.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency can produce memory loss gradually.
  • If you are thinking of many things at one time while talking.

How to fix it:

  1. During conversation focus on listening at first before you reply. Taking interest and paying attention to the situation will keep you concentrated on the relevant topic of discussion. This will reduce the chance of recalling specific words or phrases while talking.
  2. Avoid performing multiple task work at the same time. When you are multitasking, your attention is not in one place. Hence you may not be putting all your 100 percent while talking. You are bound to forget words and sentences when speaking.
  3. Take proper vitamin supplements and adequate nutrition as you grow old. Avoid smoking and alcohol intake.
  4. Reduce your stress by practicing yoga and meditation. Take interest and concentrate on what you are talking.